Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Way Too Much Fun With The Camera

As I lay on the deck in the dog yard, (the deck is a piece of 4x8 plywood nailed on a 2x4 frame so the dogs and I have a place to sit or lay down that's not in the dirt), I get a different view of the dogs from below. I took the camera out with me yesterday to see what I could capture in a photo. Apparently Peat was not as interested in getting his photo taken, as I didn't get any of him. That's ok - it gives me a reason to go out and get some more pictures another day. Here's a few of the better pictures I was able to get.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Canadian Superstore 1 dog pull

This year at Rendezous the middle wight division (60-99lbs) had an amazing turnout. There is some untapped talent with a lot of the first time pullers, hopefully some of these "new dogs" will make it out to the Summer dog pull. As expected and very well deserved Asha took home first place, Sherpa snagged second place and the pound pulled per pound of dog (which I personally think is the top award) and Aklak place third and had a personal best pull.

The following images are from Michal Kozlowski of Geist

Aklak's signature "dancing bear" move

Nice form....slow and low

happy Aklak
He knows when he is done... "take this harness off and bring me fish"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Rico a Rico Suave? tell us

The Urban Dictionary defines Rico Suave as

A guy who is hot and knows it. Someone who has a cool confidence that over flows. Walks with a style that says "hey girls, take a look at this.." Not necessarily a bad thing


Suave? or just Rico

Monday, March 2, 2009

My 1st Dog Race

Well my first race is finally behind me and it was GREAT!
My team of Peat (formerly of Drag N' Fly Kennel, now a member of Akeno Kennel), Sadie, Rico and Lucky hauled me over the 7km course at this years 4 dog Rendezvous race.

In lead is Sadie and Peat, with Rico and Lucky in wheel. Peat is the old man (and the real team leader) at 5 years old while the rest of them are our "puppies" at 11 months old.

I look forward to many more races with these fantasic dogs!

This is what happens when you bang your HEAD!

It started out as just another routine dog feeding until....BANG! I didn't duck down enough to clear the cross bar on the gate to the dogyard. The came the pain and then the blood....oh my did it pour. It seems that in construction of our gate we did not clip the fencing close enough and that left one extra long "scalp ripper" hanging down just far enough to open my head up. Heather wanted my to get stitches, which looking back was probably the smart thing, but for those of you that know me I would rather a scar over a needle any day!

The Backdoor

The bathroom sink

The Head


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Cold Snap

So I'm a bit behind with the blogging again. The cold snap we had started about Christmas time and ended a few weeks ago. Since our cutoff for running dogs is about -30 degrees, we didn't run dogs for a while. During this down time, we took this opportunity to bring the dogs in the house as much as possible. Of course they would have been fine outside, but since we didn't exactly want to spend much time outside, we found them spending more time inside for visits. It was fun for all. We're happy to report that since we've been bringing the sled dogs into the house, Dust and Peat were officially introduced to the house dogs Aklak and Keno - and they've been buddies ever since! It's great that all 8 dogs can be in the house together without any issues. Here's a few of the photos we got when the dogs were in the house. Of course the best photo opportunities occurred when the camera was out of reach, but we're happy with the pics we got.

Sadie and Lucky. Cash in the background.

Cash and Peat chilling on the bed.

Dog days of winter (Peat and Cash).

Sadie and Cash



Happy Cash

Cash and Peat

Peat, Lucky and Cash

Cash and Lucky

Peat, Lucky, Cash and Dust

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pike...pike and PIKE

Well thanks to Dennis Z. and very co-operative Esox lucius I had the BEST day ice fishing since I came to the Yukon! Even with temps of -35C the day was just perfect....pike, after pike, a pike and to top the day off I caught a 12lbs pike which is a personal best for me.
Thanks again Dennis!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Serious White Dumping

We FINALLY got some good snow!

Time to pack the trails and start running from home...hopefully.

My Skidoo is back and functional (not 100% but o.k. to use) so tomorrow I plan on making grooming trails.

Our puppy palace is back and being utilized (in more ways than I want to talk about) and all residents are living in harmony.

Peat has taken a liking to Heather

The new 6-pack (plus one human)


The girls...

Some more pics...